Everything you need to assess, analyze & improve team performance.

The reliable and easy-to-use cloud based employee performance management & productivity analysis software trusted by businesses worldwide.

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Awarded Best Value Performance Management Software by Gartner.

4.2 / 5 Stars


4.2 / 5 Stars


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5 / 5 Stars


Effective employee evaluation

Evaluate on-the-job performance

HR professionals from all across the globe were involved in the design of our software, resulting in a single performance management software architecture that supports all evaluation methodologies. 1000s of professionally built preconfigured performance indicators make it simple for new companies to get started quickly.


Repetition is the key

Consistent, timely inputs

Employee performance evaluation is critical to managing a business. Research has shown that more than 34% of all employees have unanswered questions. By using AssessTEAM, you can now deliver timely input to your team, resulting in better performance immediately!

Real time analysis

Productivity analysis

Real-time productivity analysis

In order to maximize business growth, you need to know where your profits are coming from. With AssessTEAM tracking your project productivity, project profitability and team profitability becomes simple. After you enter pay rates for your employees, this information is then compared with project budgets in real time using employee timesheets. Project managers get alerts if projects are at risk.

Real time analysis

Time-tracking made simple

Revolutionary time tracking system

Timesheets take up a significant amount of an employee’s time in relation to productivity. Several hours may be devoted to manual time tracking at the end of the week. AssessTEAM timesheet tracking enables employees to complete timesheets in the cloud or on our mobile app in seconds. Employees have an option of tracking time by the day, week or month!


Employee performance management and evaluation software that drives results

Deliver job clarity to your employees. Make smart, data-driven decisions based on effective employee performance evaluations.

Fully customizable

Simple to use

Project profitability

Mobile-device ready

Employee engagement

Safe & secure

A 360-degree HR solution

Helping enterprises succeed through their people


Simple and easy employee performance evaluation

Successful employee performance evaluation has 3 parts – engagement, measurement and tracking. AssessTEAM engages employees by giving them clear deliverables for themselves, measures performance using the deliverables defined as result areas/performance indicators, and delivers powerful tracking reports to show where the employee needs help, how they can improve and how this compares with other individuals.



From high tech real-time continuous feedback to scheduled annual reviews, from competency evaluations to project-based assessment and everything in between, AssessTEAM is designed to accommodate specific business needs.

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AssessTEAM gives you granular detail on employee performance so you can reward employees who not only perform better but also show positive trends towards reaching clearly established organizational goals.

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Timely inputs

Timely inputs

AssessTEAM enables setting up simple, quick and effective evaluations for employees that run on a schedule to collect business performance information. Collected metrics drive reports that show you trends about how your organization is doing.

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Let’s get integrated

AssessTEAM plays well with friends

By integrating with popular platforms like Google Apps, Office 365, Wrike, Zoho, Basecamp and many more, we make rolling out AssessTEAM seamless. Our software offers seamless import and export to spreadsheets as well.


Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

Our support team includes experienced HR professionals with decades of real world performance management experience. We offer technical assistance with integrating your data and provide meaningful advice on HR strategies as well. Simply email us at support@assessteam.com

A guided rollout is included with all our plans. Simply send us your job descriptions and we will set up your evaluations.
Expert HR advice is available to all customers free of charge.