Comprehensive, easy, and effective 360-Degree Feedback Software

360-degree feedback by AssessTEAM helps employees identify strengths and weaknesses to improve their job efficiencies. This easy to use module can be set up in minutes for full 360-degree feedback collection from peers, supervisors, self, and customers too.

360-Degree feedback enables…

  • Clarity by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluation of employees from all sides: Downward, upward, self, peer, and customer satisfaction.
  • A fair approach where everybody is heard and everybody’s opinion counts.
  • Holistic analysis of employee efficiencies, behavior, and competencies.
  • Powerful reporting that informs and guides towards greater efficiency. 

Simple 360-degree feedback

360-degree feedback method takes a holistic approach that focuses directly on the competencies, behavioral traits, and team collaboration.

Everybody’s opinion counts

Wider participation

The concept of wider participation provides an opportunity for the employee’s manager, peers, reporting staff members, and customers to provide their inputs in the feedback process. Ergo, performance feedback is sought from all directions in the business organization.

This feedback process aims to provide a balanced view of how others view the employee’s contribution and performance. Areas measured can range from job-competencies, core values, behavioral skills, management, teamwork, leadership, work habits, vision, and mission of the organization.

Simple, no fuss set up

Configure evaluators using dedicated vaults

AssessTEAM allows team managers to configure and employee’s evaluators using dedicated vaults. These vaults are divided up into three different categories: Downward evaluators – Managers or supervisors, Peer evaluators: Peers at the same level, and Upward evaluators – Direct reports or subordinates. The fourth evaluator, self, is not configured into a vault.

By configuring evaluators into different silos or vaults, management can control which employees, whether manager, peer, or direct reports, they wish to ask to evaluate a specific employee. Its primary function is to make employee management easier and more effective.

At will or scheduled requests for evaluation

Customize schedule for each level

Scheduling tasks is an integral part of effective employee management. AssessTEAM offers team leaders and managers the ability to schedule the evaluation requests for an employee by level. In other words, downward, upward, peer, and peer evaluations can be scheduled for different dates.

The AssessTEAM method allows the user to pre-define the schedule dates as well as evaluation level when creating the evaluation request.

Part of the employee evaluation systems function is to improve the effective management of the available human resources. Consequently, it is essential to note that the reason for different schedules for each level is to ensure that employees are not overwhelmed by receiving too many emails and tasks at the same time. Otherwise, they could get frustrated and stressed and give a negative review instead of an accurate evaluation.

Comparing apples to apples

Comparisons for holistic analysis

The phrase “holistic analysis” translates into taking an overall view of the business processes that you are considering. The holistic analysis method aims to provide the big picture without drilling down into the nitty-gritty details. A typical example in the Human Resources industry of this model is the need to first consider a bird’s-eye view of the overall employee evaluation results before analyzing team metrics and then individual results.

AssessTEAM has embraced this concept and offers management the ability to first examine a company-wide view of the results of the 360-degree feedback review process before comparing the performance of different teams, and then finally diving into the individual employee comparisons.

A clear path towards improved performance

Powerful reporting

Reporting is an essential function of the AssessTEAM employee review system. The reports highlighted here form an essential part of the 360-Degree feedback process as they provide management with salient information that enables them to make the right business decisions, driving sales, and increasing the bottom line.

The reporting module allows management to review employee performance on an individual, team, and company. The individual reporting modules show metrics like: Average result area scores, Average performance indicator baseline, Team performance reporting is divided up into the following two categories: Performance scores by team and team size comparison. And, the company level reporting function provides information on overall person performance, average company-wide result area scores, the number of evaluations sent, completed, and canceled, and the top performers.

Team leaders and managers can also extract reports based on the distinct evaluation types and result areas. Finally, AssessTEAM provides comparison reporting, comparing team members’ evaluation results ordered by team members, result areas, or evaluation types.

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