Continuous or real time feedback is the fastest way for your managers to deliver clear input for their teams.

Deploy in minutes. No complicated setup. No training necessary!

Continuous feedback appraisal system is the new method for highly effective real-time employee evaluations.

Choose from real-time feedback or scheduled evaluations. Continuous feedback evaluations help giving feedback to employees, improve employee engagement, removes prejudice and gives business owners a powerful tool to monitor their business in real time. AssessTEAM makes it simple for companies to roll out a continuous feedback employee evaluation system with the least amount of disruption to the work schedule.

Why continuous feedback?

The traditional annual review has proven ineffective in assessing or engaging employees. The annual review, followed by a bell curve approach to performance evaluation, results in low morale and a general lack of motivation within an organization.

Continuous employee evaluation, or real-time feedback, works much better for ensuring employees know the job requirements and see a clear path towards continuous improvement, leading to both corporate growth and better remuneration for the employee. AssessTEAM enables both real-time feedback and scheduled feedback requests that can be sent out automatically weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Give constructive feedback

Companies are trying to do away with annual feedback. Employees can expect multiple rounds of frequent evaluations throughout the year, helping them get better at what they do and leaving behind the bell curve. Remuneration is increasingly based on achieving corporate profitability goals specific to each team.

AssessTEAM sets up accurate job goals for each person in the organization. This ensures expectations are clearly laid out at the onset and both employees and supervisors understand deliverables.

Digital collaboration

AssessTEAM delivers clarity in terms of job performance and targets to be met. Our award-winning employee feedback app integrates timesheets and project budgets. We show how the business is performing with detailed metrics on high performers and people who need help.

Job goals are classified into result areas and performance indicators. These are evaluated using a flexible evaluation methodology that can include 360 degree reviews, peer reviews, self-evaluation and supervisor reviews.

Each result area can be individually evaluated by one or more evaluators. Result areas can be enabled for simple real-time continuous feedback or scheduled evaluations.

Timely inputs

Employees are happier with a real-time continuous feedback software because they appreciate the consistent input with an opportunity to respond, instead of receiving a poor raise or a poor bonus. Managers receive clear business intelligence on people that need training and projects in trouble well before they affect profitability.

Timely information about performance metrics enables managers to appreciate great work and train employees effectively.

Seamless integration

AssessTEAM integrates with most HRMS and Payroll systems, a simple import gets all your employees in the system to be set up with job profiles in the form of result areas and key performance indicators. Included is a powerful employee timesheet software that simplifies setting up project timesheets by changing the daily time-consuming process to weekly or monthly, this drives business intelligence reporting that shows you how profitable the employee is for the company.

Continuous feedback makes employee evaluations effective, creates employee engagement, leads to better communication and overall increased productivity.

Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

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