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Result areas form the foundation of AssessTEAM evaluations

Result areas are groups of key performance indicators which can be competencies, goals, job responsibilities or certifications to be achieved by the employee. Using result area evaluation metrics we build powerful business intelligence reports to give you a clear direction towards better performance. Our key performance indicators (KPI) database has over 3000 KPIs. Create evaluations quickly by using the result area library or create your own result areas. Our concierge team will be happy to convert your job descriptions into result areas at no charge – simply email

Start with importing your employees in the system with their job titles, review the result areas automatically set up for them. Make changes to meet organizational goals and get started with your first evaluation!

Result areas in the system are based on job responsibilities, organizational goals, personal achievements, and behavioral evaluations. Any combination of these can be created on a per job title or per employee basis.

Create your own result areas to build custom evaluations for job titles specific to your organization, the system is powerful and flexible to accommodate any business process required.

Result areas can be used in quantitative reviews, self-evaluation, peer review or project specific reviews.