Easy and effective performance evaluation software

All evaluation methodologies are supported, from traditional annual reviews, 360-degree feedback, real-time feedback, customer experience evaluation, and project performance evaluation.

With AssessTEAM, you can…

  • Deliver clarity of job expectations to your employees.
  • Use our mobile apps to make evaluations easy & fun.
  • Collate evaluation data for long term analysis.
  • Run reports that aid in decision making.
  • Review project effort investment in real-time.
  • Evaluate competencies and productivity.
  • Evaluation eSignature online & on the mobile app.

Employee evaluation software on the cloud

With the AssessTEAM employee evaluation system you will be the first to know when projects are at risk or employees need help. Timely reports that direct you towards greater employee satisfaction and profitability is what we deliver.

Employee evaluation

Simple evaluation software

Successful employee performance evaluation has 3 parts – Engagement, Measurement and Tracking. AssessTEAM engages employees by giving them clear deliverables for themselves, measures performance using the deliverables defined as result areas/performance indicators, and delivers powerful tracking reports to show where the employee needs help, how they can improve and how this compares with other individuals.



Accommodates custom processes

Every organization has its own unique processes, and HR professionals are always looking for flexibility in terms of both frequency and complexity in staff evaluation software. AssessTEAM was designed to accommodate specific business needs – from high tech real-time continuous feedback to scheduled annual reviews, from competency evaluations to project-based assessment and everything in between, we’ve got it covered. Simplicity in building evaluations, monitoring them and generating powerful reports makes AssessTEAM Employee Evaluation Software suitable for most companies.



Invite people to sign

Acknowledgment of reviews from employees and validations from top-line managers becomes crucial when conducting performance reviews on the cloud. With AssessTEAM’s e-signature feature, you can sign on your evaluations using your smart devices, laptops, or computers. The direct clickable links enable employees and managers to sign evaluations from their computers or cell phones seamlessly.



Effective performance monitoring

Confusion on how to reward employees can be detrimental to an organization’s health. Employees must feel confident that good performance will be rewarded. AssessTEAM gives you minute detail on employee performance so that you can reward employees who not only perform better, but also show positive trends towards reaching clearly established organizational goals.


Timely inputs

Consistent data with trends

Timely employee evaluation is a critical element in managing a business. Research has proven that more than 34% of all employees have unsolved questions about their role in the organization, over 45% lack understanding on what others in the organization do, and more than 70% admit that they could use more input about their job performance. AssessTEAM Employee Evaluation Software enables the setting up of simple, quick and effective evaluations that run on a schedule for employees to collect business performance information. Collected metrics drive reports that show you trends about how your organization is doing.


Effectively evaluate new hires

30-60-90 Evaluations made simple

Evaluating new hires is a critical element of performance management that is often missed. New hires must receive clear job expectations to help them achieve the results expected of them. Most new hires take months to understand what the company expects from them. This leads to good employees being lost because they simply did not receive inputs on time. An AssessTEAM 30-60-90 type evaluation enables you to schedule up to 4 evaluations that go out for new hires on a configurable timetable. This not only helps the manager in providing timely feedback, but also ensures any confusion regarding the job expectations are quickly cleared up.


Project performance leads to better profitability

Productivity evaluation

Project performance evaluation is a new concept that only a small portion of companies use today. This is, however, a very effective method of productivity analysis. A skilled architect gets a great review on the skill he possesses, but he may receive a negative review based on the ultimate result of his  invested effort towards a project. Results depend on a combination of the architect’s competency, teamwork capability, punctuality, and communication. Companies that deliver projects to customers benefit from project based performance evaluations. This type of evaluation not only helps find gaps in competency, but also helps the company focus on the type of projects they do best as a team. AssessTEAM project evaluations can be scheduled to go out automatically as projects are completed.


Once a year check-in

Anniversary day evaluations

This is one of the traditional evaluation methods that is still very much in use today. Anniversary day evaluations help managers evaluate employees individually on the anniversary of their hire date, without the pressure of doing multiple evaluations together. This ensures the employee gets better focus from the manager and can look forward to clear feedback without a connection to remuneration changes. Using the AssessTEAM Anniversary day evaluations, human resources can schedule automated evaluations for large teams to go out on anniversary dates. These evaluations can be set up to require signatures from the evaluator and the employee being evaluated.


Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

Our support team includes experienced HR professionals with decades of real world performance management experience. We offer technical assistance with integrating your data and provide meaningful advice on HR strategies as well. Simply email us at support@assessteam.com

A guided rollout is included with all our plans. Simply send us your job descriptions and we will set up your evaluations.
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