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A new, easier way to look at timesheets. Real-time reporting on projects & cost center spending.

Give your employees a break from time-consuming timesheets.


Online timesheet management app on the cloud

AssessTEAM’s cloud-based employee timesheet app enables quick timesheet posts online or via our Android or iPhone mobile app.

The common term “TGIF” takes on a whole new meaning altogether as employees are no longer busy filling out timesheets on Fridays. Instead, they are wrapping up productive work before the weekend without worrying about timesheets, which can now be posted online via a mobile app in seconds.

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Online timesheets

Apart from the lightning speed this online timesheet management system offers, AssessTEAM conveniently simplifies the whole process of timekeeping. Employees can either log time by the day or by the month, leaving notes to their managers on how that time was invested. Upper management receives accurate business intelligence in real time due to the connection of timesheets with project spending.


Mobile app for Android & iPhone

A simplified employee timesheet app saves time and reduces stress. Employees can simply post their time, anytime day or night, from their smart phones. They can update timesheets while traveling or over the weekend when they have a free moment. This new AssessTEAM app encourages accuracy in timesheets and reduces the burden on the employees, leading to greater productivity. The app automatically reminds employees to complete timesheets as well.


Key highlights

  • An easier, online method of efficiently collecting time spent on specific cost centers or projects.
  • Team managers can review notes and timesheets on their screens.
  • Reduces the time taken to complete timesheets to a fraction, making timesheets fun instead of a chore.
  • Improves the accuracy of the data collected dramatically.
  • The simplicity of the timesheet collection process encourages senior staff to track their time too.

Timesheets that deliver business intelligence

The traditional option of daily timesheets is the first choice for many companies. Employees are required to put in timesheets by the day, which are then used for enforcement of policies or payroll. They are often collated after a significant amount of work into MIS reports that are generated only at the end of the year.

AssessTEAM timesheets connect time posted to project spending. Managers can see budget and time utilization in real time. Business intelligence of this nature can immediately ease the minds of managers reporting overhead. Put simply, it is a tool for managers to manage project spending and time more effectively than ever before.



Project effort and profitability reporting offer real-time analytical data for managers. Project spending vs Project Budget and Time allocated vs Time invested is available in real time. This is crucial in keeping projects within the assigned budget. Unfortunately, project failure often goes unnoticed until the end of the project when remedial measures are futile. AssessTEAM enables real-time reporting on project risks, which can make a difference between success and failure.

Continuous feedback makes employee evaluations effective, creates employee engagement, leads to better communication and overall increased productivity.

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Detailed notes can be left within the timesheet to ensure team managers can read as much detail as possible about time spent on a project. These notes remain within the software and can be analyzed long-term to learn from project successes or failures.