Goal Setting For Teams and Individuals

AssessTEAM includes a simple goal setting tool for teams and individuals. Goals can either be manager assigned or self-assigned with flexible evaluation options.

Goal setting software on the cloud

Goal setting is a simple and effective way to have your teams setup and track targets, certifications or competency miletones.

AssessTEAM employee goal setting system is unique in the way it simplifies the process of goal setting, tracking and reporting.

Goal setting enabled by Job Title

Retain full control on the goal setting process

Goal setting options can be configured at the individual and at the team level. Specific job titles can be given access to setup goals for themselves and for their teams. This is most effectively used when there are multiple teams with many managers.

Team goal setting

Team managers or administrators can set up goals in minutes

Goals are often created at the team level with all the team members working together to achieve collective goals. Team goals apply to all active team members. These goals can be evaluated by the team manager himself or other persons in the company. All team members see the goals within their result areas, and clarity is maintained on progress in achieving the goals.

Individual goal setting

Employees can create and manage their own goals

Creating goals is a simple process for employees, goals can be professional, personal, or part of the organization vision. As part of the goal creation process employees can schedule completion dates and set them up to be targets, certifications, or simple competency-based accomplishments. Once goals have been set up, evaluations can be auto-scheduled to collect progress reports.

Evaluations & Reporting

Goal evaluations lead to clear actionable reporting

Goal evaluations can be configured go out weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Employees can also opt to sent out evaluations at will. Completed goals are tracked with the requested and actual completion date and remain as part of the employee record. Reporting shows trends on how effectively goals were achieved and if there were any challenges encountered in the process.

Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

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