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AssessTEAM is popular in 49 countries with over 2000 customers and 2 million evaluations processed on the platform. We support all popular languages and comply with local regulations.

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4.2 / 5 Stars


4.2 / 5 Stars


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5 / 5 Stars


AssessTEAM Customer reviews

“Everyday support from AssessTeam representatives”

We have been using AssessTeam for around 6 months already. That helped us get rid of paper evaluations, systematize evaluation forms, easily collect complete evaluations in one place. We are still working on small adjustments, however, overall impression is positive. 360-degree evaluations, web platform (easy to access from different devices), mobile-friendly, customizable.

Oleksandr Chermnykh, Mazars Ukraine

“Easy to Use and Great Customer Support”

I have nothing but great things to say about the team member I worked with. The business consultant that helped me provided a fantastic demo and not only answered all of my questions, but helped me get my team set up and made sure I fully understood how to use all of the software functionality to optimize my team’s experience. Love the simplicity of the software, yet the high level of functionality. The system is easy to use, has a fantastic layout and provides all of the functions we need to manage team performance. I worked with one of the business consultants and he was friendly, patient and very thorough at explaining the software to me.

Karen Slusher, Azure Standard

“Building a Performance Review process from scratch”

The best part of AssessTeam is the support I received while setting this up for my company. I think the business consultant met with me at least 10 separate times via Google Meet to help me decide how I needed to set this up to best suit our needs. He has been SO patient (and kind) with me & did a lot of the set up on his end after explaining what I wanted to happen. He truly went above & beyond and I’m so thankful as we are in the middle of our first review & I’m getting great feedback from the team! The ability to customize the process to exactly what we need, having continued support from the AssessTEAM & a very clean/simple aesthetic. Thank you!!

Kristen Sinch, Wild Earth

logo lakewood university
“AssessTEAM is Wonderful!”

It has been great and the representatives are accessible and helpful. It is easy to use. It is allowing us to perform more meaningful evaluations and therefore asses the needs of the employees and organization. Also, various departments have been able to use the software.

Tommy Sutton, Lakewood University

“Ideal evaluation solution for our needs”

Many other softwares out on the market come with many different complex features but those come at a high cost and we didn’t want those features at this time anyway. AssessTeam was exactly what our team was looking for. It exactly met what we wanted and is solely focussed on evaluations whereas other solutions provide a wide range of facilities that we didn’t need and made the product much more costly and complex. We liked the overall simplicity of use combined with the well thought out functionality. This was exactly what we were looking for. This software is very basic and simple, which comes at a lot lower cost!

Kevin Canetti, Wharncliffe Business Systems Limited

“Very easy to work with and great price.”

Once we worked through the basic functions, it was very easy to use. The agents made themselves available to assist and answer questions. So far, I am very happy with the AssessTeams product. We will be going through our first set of Performance Reviews very soon and will share more then.

Scott Bemis, BECA

“I like the simplicity of the software. There are other options out there that have more features but make it more complicated to administer and use.”

This software is very basic and simple, which comes at a lot lower cost! This was exactly what we were looking for. Many other softwares out on the market come with many different complex features but those come at a high cost and we didn’t want those features at this time anyway. AssessTeam was exactly what our team was looking for.

Andy Bergmann, JRT Mechanical

“The perfect solution”

We have begun using it for annual evaluations and timekeeping for employees. After getting it set up with Raj, it has been very easy to navigate. What shines most about this product is the outstanding customer service. We’ve had near immediate responses from their staff, particularly [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], every time we ask. They are always eager to help us anytime we ask. This alone would make me not want to use any other product. We are extremely satisfied. The versatility of the software is hard to beat.

Matthew Capezzuto, Allied Behavioral Health Services

“The review of the product was excellent, it was easy to navigate once we implemented the trial and the customer support was above and beyond any company that we had approached.”

The head of IT referred me to AssessTEAM. From the first point of contact, all my questions were answered and I realized that this is a company we could work with. The implementation team worked very closely with our contact from AssessTEAM. This relationship was critical to our company in making a decision to go with AssessTeam. We have not had the support needed in the past with other companies and decided NOT to move forward with those companies.

Tracye Brogden, Miracapo Pizza

“Great new addition to our company”

I love the visibility of the software. It provides tons of information from a dashboard while allowing you to take a further dive into specifics. We are able to properly evaluate our team members and measure deliverables offered to our clients.

Sasha Cuevas, Modernizing Medicine

“Working with AssessTEAM has been a pleasure. They have been very helpful with our needs.”

With over 300 employees, this system has given us the visibility to continue the growth of a stronger team. Before we had AssessTeam the evaluation process was long and drawn out and produced information that was buried in files and never reviewed by the managers who needed to see the information. Visibility of the information collected is great. Ease of use is also a driving factor when we select new software. We have found if the software is overly complicated it will not be utilized.

Scott Hicks, Eckardt Electric

“Onboarding with Danielle was a pleasurable experience and she is a customer service superstar!”

Features and functionality are simple enough that we can update and go out on our own. This is not related to the software, but the service we received when working with Danielle over the course of a couple of months was superb. She noticed that we were in the wrong tier and recommended we downgrade, at a loss to AssessTEAM, and we were blown away by that. I told her that we would do business with them for a long time as this reflected concern for the customer – a rarity today in customer service!

Derek Iannelli-Smith, Integrated Technology Services, LLC

“Great product.”

Great functionality. I had one modification that I requested from support related to the ability to export certain report details. They gladly made the change for us.

Donald Remlinger, Frontier Railroad Services, LLC

“AssessTEAM has a very deep platform that is not that intuitive but seems quite useful.”

The granularity of the performance metrics, coupled with the ability to modify and curate, worked to fit my company’s needs.

Grant Fox, Adaptive Management

Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

Our support team includes experienced HR professionals with decades of real world performance management experience. We offer technical assistance with integrating your data and provide meaningful advice on HR strategies as well. Simply email us at