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4.2 / 5 Stars


4.2 / 5 Stars


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5 / 5 Stars


AssessTEAM Customer reviews

“Great new addition to our company”

I love the visibility of the software. It provides tons of information from a dashboard while allowing you to take a further dive into specifics. We are able to properly evaluate our team members and measure deliverables offered to our clients.

Sasha Cuevas, Modernizing Medicine

“Working with AssessTEAM has been a pleasure. They have been very helpful with our needs.”

With over 300 employees, this system has given us the visibility to continue the growth of a stronger team. Before we had AssessTeam the evaluation process was long and drawn out and produced information that was buried in files and never reviewed by the managers who needed to see the information. Visibility of the information collected is great. Ease of use is also a driving factor when we select new software. We have found if the software is overly complicated it will not be utilized.

Scott Hicks, Eckardt Electric

“Onboarding with Danielle was a pleasurable experience and she is a customer service superstar!”

Features and functionality are simple enough that we can update and go out on our own. This is not related to the software, but the service we received when working with Danielle over the course of a couple of months was superb. She noticed that we were in the wrong tier and recommended we downgrade, at a loss to AssessTEAM, and we were blown away by that. I told her that we would do business with them for a long time as this reflected concern for the customer – a rarity today in customer service!

Derek Iannelli-Smith, Integrated Technology Services, LLC

“Great product.”

Great functionality. I had one modification that I requested from support related to the ability to export certain
report details. They gladly made the change for us.

Donald Remlinger, Frontier Railroad Services, LLC

“AssessTEAM has a very deep platform that is not that intuitive but seems quite useful.”

The granularity of the performance metrics, coupled with the ability to modify and curate, worked to fit my company’s

Grant Fox, Adaptive Management

“Easy and powerful at the same time.”

Simplicity, KPI database, and continuous feedback processes built for smaller HR departments. Flexibility and customization possibilities.

Support team went above and beyond and even helped us with making reviews in Vietnamese.

Nick Phạm, JK Plastics

“Simple to use and easy to rollout.”

Simplicity, cloud usage speed, KPI library.

Randy Porter, Apollo Practice Management

“Tracking project profitability did not seem impressive until the numbers started coming in. Data-driven decisions have made our business significantly more competitive.”

Review time no longer makes my team cringe. They know its not going to take over their entire week.

David Lason, Custom Software Lab

“The change from annual performance reviews is what we needed for our ever expanding team of young professionals.”

Continuous feedback has improved the culture of our organization without any training or new work. The best part is the mobile apps!

Dilip Merani, Pulse Solutions

Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

Our support team includes experienced HR professionals with decades of real world performance management experience. We offer technical assistance with integrating your data and provide meaningful advice on HR strategies as well. Simply email us at

A guided rollout is included with all our plans. Simply send us your job descriptions and we will set up your evaluations.
Expert HR advice is available to all customers free of charge.