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Use your Basecamp account to setup AssessTEAM employee evaluations in minutes.

Seamless integration to connect persons, projects, project timesheets (Classic only) and single sign-on authentication too. AssessTEAM fully integrates into Basecamp to make users feel its an extension of the software they already use, our integration engine monitors your Basecamp account and adds users, projects and timesheets in real time.


A powerful employee evaluation system for Basecamp users.

Sync Employees

Employees in your Basecamp account are imported in seconds, the system continues to maintain a sync between basecamp and AssessTEAM so new employees go in automatically too.

Sync Projects

Basecamp projects are seamlessly imported into AssessTEAM so you can track project performance in real time.

Import Timesheets

Profitability reports rely on accurate timesheets either entered in AssessTEAM or imported from basecamp, our import routines run every day to sync timesheets from Basecamp to AssessTEAM.

Millions of Basecamp users love the easy and effective project management system offered by 37 Signals, Basecamp is arguably the most used project management system in the world with practically every single industry making full use of the features available. AssessTEAM’s seamless integration into Basecamp makes it software of choice for Basecamp users for employee job performance evaluation, the close integration syncs employees, timesheets and projects too.

Evaluate competencies based on project performance, review real-time productivity reports to see reasons behind project success or failure.

Project profitability tracking based employee timesheets work like a charm with Basecamp. No manual input needed; using Basecamp data we build powerful business intelligence reports that help you get better at meeting profitability targets.

AssessTEAM Enterprise includes detailed profitability reports for Basecamp projects. Powerful productivity reports for teams and individuals connect employee performance with achieved profits. Find reasons behind projects failing targets, cut through prejudice to find employees who are most productive.

Integrating employees, projects & timesheets.

AssessTEAM connects with all versions of Basecamp for syncing employee information, timesheets, and projects seamlessly. The process is fully automated. After the initial setup all new employees, projects, and timesheets in Basecamp will be seamlessly synced into your AssessTEAM system.

AssessTEAM intelligence timesheets complementsBasecamp perfectly, employees can add time on projects associated with them either on their web consoles or via the AssessTEAM mobile apps.

Basecamp is very popular with companies that work on projects, Basecamp is used for tracking tasks, as a requirements repository and for management of employee schedules too. AssessTEAM has a powerful connector that taps into Basecamp periodically to pull employees, projects, and basecamp timesheets. This makes it easier for companies using Basecamp as changes in Basecamp and gets reflected in their AssessTEAM system within minutes.