Legal KPIs List

Legal KPIs aims to evaluate staff working in the legal department of an organization. These KPIs are aimed to improve core competencies like corporate governance, mergers and acquisition process, litigation management, and legal administrative support.

Legal Administrative Support

The legal administrative support team is in charge of developing a system where all legal papers (contracts, NDAs, etc.) are generated, distributed, organized, stored, and secured.

Related: Paralegal, Document Production Specialist, Document Manager, Licensing Specialist.

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  • Outside Counsel Fees as a percentage of Total Legal Expense – The percentage of the amount ($US) consumed on outside legal counsel versus the total legal costs sustained by the firm.
  • Attorneys per Legal Admin FTE – The number of lawyers employed by the firm, per legal administrative FTE (paralegal, assistant, document control professional, etc.).
  • Legal Department Headcount Ratio – The number of company-wide FTEs for every devoted legal FTE (total FTEs/Legal FTEs).

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Litigation Management

The litigation management team undertakes all tasks related to common courtroom procedures as a representative of the firm.

Related: Corporate Litigator, Litigation Support Analyst, Corporate Attorney, Corporate Legal Analyst, General Counsel.

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  • Percentage of Litigation Cases Won – The percentage of lawsuits the firm engaged in that are won.
  • Average Total Cost of Case (TCC) – The average total expenditure on a litigation case, including legal expenses, settlements, and regulatory costs.
  • Pre-Discovery Resolution Rate – The percentage of litigation cases that are cleared before the discovery period (i.e. before testimonies and interrogations).
  • Average Fee per New Client – The yearly profit accumulated from new customer fees divided by the total number of new customers.

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Government Affairs

The government or legislative affairs office is in charge of the maintaining relationships with major local, state, and federal government authorities and trade associations.

Related: Industry Relations Coordinator, Government Relations Specialist, Local Government Relationship Manager.

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  • Percentage of FTEs Trained in Legal Compliance Techniques – The percentage of full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) who underwent training on pertinent legal compliance and risk control and prevention procedures.
  • Policy Audit Frequency – The average number of days between firm operations and policies assessments conducted by the legal compliance team.

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Corporate Governance

The corporate governance team is authorized to develop a set of policies, SOPs, and methods that dictate the company’s actions.

Related: Governance Analyst, Corporate Attorney, Corporate Counsel, Legal Systems Administrator, Regulatory Analyst.

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  • Percentage of Partners’ Hours – The percentage of partners’ hours worked versus the total hours worked by all timekeepers.
  • Outside Counsel Evaluation Frequency – The average number of days between outside counsel management groups’ assessment of outside counsel for work quality.
  • Associates-to-Partners Ratio – The ratio of associates to partners for the preceding year.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

The mergers and acquisitions team is authorized to determine the right approach for probable mergers with other firms and acquiring smaller businesses.

Related: Mergers & Acquisitions Director, Business Development Manager, Deals Analytics Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions Management Consultant.

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  • Composite Risk Index – The effect of a risk incident (1-5) multiplied by the feasibility occurrence (1-5 scale).
  • Merger Integration Cycle Time – The average number of days from the authorizing of the merger agreement until integration implementation is accomplished.

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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property team safeguards the firms’ non-physical properties like trade secrets, company taglines and logos (trademarks), innovations (patents), printed materials, and documents (copyright).

Related: Patent Researcher, Knowledge Management Specialist, Intellectual Property Counsel, Intellectual Property Attorney, Intellectual Property Licensing Specialist, Patent Counsel.

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  • Cost per Trademark Registered – The expenses on ($US) of registered trademarks prepared in a year divided by the number of registered trademarks.
  • Average Time to Product – The average number of days between a patent being awarded and its display in consumer products or service offerings.
  • Transfer Ratio (3 year period) – The percentage of submitted patent requests that are awarded by the USPTO.
  • Patent Disclosure-to-Filing Cycle Time – The average number of days from disclosure up to the time a patent application is filed.
  • Trademark Disclosure-to-Filing Cycle Time – The average number of days from disclosure up to the time a trademark application is filed.
  • Copyright Disclosure-to-Filing Cycle Time – The average number of days from disclosure up to the time copyright is filed.
  • Percentage of Granted Patents – The percentage of awarded patents versus the number of patents filed.
  • IP Conflicts Resolved – The number of intellectual property rights disputes settle yearly.
  • Percentage of Granted Copyrights – The percentage of registered copyrights versus the number of copyrights filed.
  • Percentage of Granted Trademarks – The percentage of registered trademarks versus the number of trademarks filed.
  • Number of Trademark Violations – The number of trademark offenses yearly.

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The legal suite of Key Performance Indicators allows for the comprehensive tracking and management of KPIs for staff working in the legal department of an organization. Whether all commercial legal work is conducted in-house or outsourced to a third-party is primarily dependent on the size of the organization.

Real-time legal KPI project management is crucial for organizational success as the legal team needs to manage core competencies like the creation and supervision of contracts and memorandums of understanding between different organizations, litigation management and counsel, corporate governance, the oversight of the mergers and acquisition process, and the registration of patents.

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