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Process KPIs List

Process KPIs are aimed to track performances of process engineer and process technician. These KPIs will assist in standardizing industrial processes, managing equipment failures, and engaging employees.

Process KPIs Reporting Dashboard

Process Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the quality assurance organization in establishing proper quality metrics, required measurement tools, and the necessary control plans (statistical process control).
  • Document all aspects of the production process, drafting work instructions, print plans, and other required ISO documentation.

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  • Function as the technical/engineering representative on the customer-facing teams.
  • Manage trials, prototyping, and initial manufacturing runs for new products, working closely with production operators and floor management.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Prepare reports on material, product, or equipment performance for internal and external customers.
  • Support the transfer of new materials or processes from technology partners into a production environment.
  • Within a gated product development process, lead fully specified new product activities from product development to launch.
  • Work with external customers and business management to define product requirements, and further refine those requirements into specifications over the course of the development process.

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Processes, Procedures & Reporting

  • Job Knowledge – Does the staff understand their job well. Is he/she driving his/her role effectively?
  • Process Documentation – How well does the staff have the Processes and Procedures for their Job/unit documented?

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  • Processes & Procedures – How well does the staff understand and follow the laid down policies, processes, and procedures
  • Reporting – How well does the staff get their reports submitted – Timesheets, project reports, etc

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Process Associate Job Responsibilities

  • Collect Feedback from Production Employees – Maintain a good relationship with all employees involved in the production process.
  • Collect Production Data and Enter into Database – To be experts in the manufacturing processes that they are assigned to improve.

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  • Consider New Production Trends and Technology – Ability to constantly network and do research to stay on top of production trends and technology relevant to their industry.
  • Identify Weaknesses in the Production Process – Create a routine for analyzing the effectiveness of the production process.
  • Present Production Improvements to Management – Need good presentation and communication skills to present their ideas to the production manager.

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Process Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Escalate Equipment Malfunction to Supervisor – When Process Technicians notice a malfunction with a piece of equipment, they are responsible for escalating this situation to a supervisor. This involves giving a detailed report to the supervisor so that he/she has plenty of information to come up with a solution.
  • Maintain Cleanliness of Process Equipment Area – Keeping all equipment, as well as the areas in which they operate, clean. Process Technicians that work in bio-manufacturing typically have to sterilize their workplace. Working in a sterile environment requires one to religiously follow standard operating procedures, as contamination of said environment can ruin an entire batch of chemicals.

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  • Monitor and Adjust Machine Parameters – Understanding of the equipment they are responsible for. The equipment is digitally controlled, so Process Technicians must know the right settings for each piece of equipment.
  • Test Batch or Product Quality – Testing the quality of each batch of products that are manufactured effectively.

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KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, including real-time tracking for the industrial process department, are designed to measure an organization’s ability to design, implement, optimize, and maintain industrial processes.

Within the process department, the key performance areas that must be measured are the efficient management of the manufacturing operation’s end-to-end process control. Metrics that should be evaluated include the management of the machinery and equipment failure processes, the correct installation and setting up of machinery, quality management of manufactured products, the design and implementation of new product development plans, and the ability to interface with equipment and raw materials suppliers.

Benefits of AssessTEAM cloud-based employee evaluation form for your process management team.

  • Use on all smart devices
  • Include custom KPIs
  • Keep historic trends
  • Include eSignatures
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Unlimited customization