Project profitability analysis as an employee performance metric

AssessTEAM measures man hours invested and compares them to the project budget showing you profitability analysis reports in real time.

Project profitability analysis

Profitability analysis can anticipate profit potential for specific projects, project types and teams.

With AssessTEAM, you’ll be the first to know when projects are at risk or employees need guidance. We deliver timely reports (accessed from the dashboard) that direct you towards greater employee satisfaction and profitability.

Realtime project profitability

Monitor projects real time to find problems before they affect profit margins. Effectively manage your team towards optimum profitability by assessing where you can optimize.

Profitable teams

Some teams excel at their jobs outperforming others and helping company profitability, AssessTEAM employee timesheet software tells you which teams are contributing positively and by how much.

Employees who need help

Often employees need help in meeting company profitability targets; employee performance metrics can help you take better decisions on training and remuneration.

Profit sources

Your profits are an average of all types of projects executed. AssessTEAM tells you what project types generate profits and what kinds of projects make losses so you can focus your time and abilities accordingly.


Identify the most and least profitable projects

Confusion on where your profits are coming from can stunt your growth potential. Tracking project profitability in real time is no longer a complicated or expensive process. Enhance your profitability by getting actionable intelligence reports built using timesheet software that compares project budget and money spend for accurate profit forecasting. Problem-solving is simple when you know where the problem lies. AssessTEAM delivers actionable intelligence that has been proven to improve profitability.

Targets Missed?

Remedy the causes of decreasing profit margins

Analyzing project profitability in comparison to employee evaluation metrics leads to powerful business intelligence reports that show why projects do not deliver anticipated profit margins. Knowing what teams or employees spent excessive time on the project can make things clearer and easier to manage. Granular reports with details on how projects are performing compared to how employees are performing in their result areas often leads to steps that can save a project from going into the red.

Assess product profitability

Evolve the product mix to maximize profits

AssessTEAM shows what type of projects work best for you and explains the reasons why this type of projects does better than others. The reasons for this can be better training, experience or simply down to pricing. Modify your project planning or pricing strategies based on clear data-driven reports to maximize profits. Profitability reports that clearly explain which sectors are most profitable for you can then be used by marketing and sales professionals to improve overall company profitability.

Evaluate on the basis of profits

Employee profitability tracking using big data

Employee performance metrics that are derived from Big Data-based analytics, this delivers freedom from prejudice and undue preference. Clear efforts to performance reporting ensure all employees are graded not on a bell curve but on measurable accomplishments. Our simple timesheet collection software ascertains efforts invested and compares this to project budgets, this builds the foundation of project performance management.

Friendly, effective and meaningful support.

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