How do I configure self-evaluations? - AssessTEAM

How do I configure self-evaluations?

Self-evaluations can be configured using the steps below.

Sending evaluations one person at a time:

Evaluation templates > Ad-hoc/Periodic/Project/30-60-90 days evaluation

Persons to be evaluated and the evaluator would be the same person if someone wishes to be self evaluated. Select result areas to be evaluated or search for one. Click save to send out the evaluation.

Sending evaluations for multiple individuals together:

Define the persons as their own evaluator under Persons tab > Edit icon > Result areas section. A person can evaluate himself/herself for specific areas of their job profile (result areas).

Once this has been set, just pick any of the previous evaluation options to send out the evaluation. Keep the default evaluator blank and the application will take the required evaluators from the person profile of the users.

You can select by team or job title, or simply select all. This should save a lot of time spent creating the template.

A guided rollout is included with all our plans. Simply send us your job descriptions and we will set up your evaluations.
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