How do I see who is doing well and who is not?

There are several indicators and data points you can use to derive this data from the software.

The dashboard widgets for ‘Needs Help’ and ‘Rock Stars’ give you quick access to people who are not doing well and people who are doing very well.

The person list shows average scores to quickly review company-wide performance.

Use the team’s tab to see how individual teams are doing and click on the team name to see the performance of team members.

Reports > Result area performance shows a list of all result areas applied to your employees.

You can see how each job goal is doing by clicking on the job goal to learn more and see trends.

If you would like to export and view the raw data in the form of a spreadsheet, you can do the same from the Reports > Evaluations tab. This should give you a comprehensive look at all the required evaluation data in one place based on how you filter the report.

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