How do I customize rights and permissions for users?

User access levels include the following.

No access – Persons can be evaluated and can evaluate others so long as they click on the evaluation invite over email or push notification in mobile apps.

Self-metrics – Access to assigned goals and result areas, self-performance metrics, individual evaluation reports, and an easy way to access waiting evaluations.

Team-metrics – Including all features from Self-metrics these persons can access evaluation scores of everyone in their own teams as well as overall team performance.

Company-wide metrics – Including all features from Self-metrics these persons can access evaluation scores of everybody else in the company as well.

Rollout assistant – Including all features from Company-wide access these persons can add users, teams, job titles, (and projects- with a Premium and Enterprise plan). No access to edit or delete.

Human resources – Including all features from Rollout assistant this user type can manage all features except for billing and receipts.

Owners – Access to all features including billing and the ability to change plans.

Users selected within a team as team managers can see evaluation data for their team (and audit timesheets too- Premium and Enterprise plans).

With a Premium and Enterprise plan, users selected within a project as project managers can manage project information, expenses, budgets, and time investments (Premium and Enterprise plans only).

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