How do you calculate scores?

We compute scores by week. For example if a person was given continuous feedback on Thursday that would only affect the score for that specific week. Then that score gets averaged with the other 3 weeks in the month to compute the monthly score.

Lets take a real example. Robert and Mark work for a pool cleaning company. Mark is Roberts boss.

Robert gets evaluated every month for his job performance by Mark, Mark also leaves feedback for Robert at random for good and bad behavior.

Lets see how the score for the month of November 2016 is computed.

Mark left continuous feedback for Robert on 7th November giving him a score of 10 for a great job for a customer.

Mark evaluated Robert at an average score of 5 for the entire month of November.

We now compute scores for the 4 weeks of November.

First week score Averages out the 10 point continuous feedback and the monthly score of 5, which brings it to 7.5
Second week score remains at 5
Third week score remains at 5
Fourth week score remains at 5

The score for the month of November is 5.62