How does AssessTEAM calculate scores?

How does AssessTEAM calculate scores?

Scores are based on the rating scale as configured under settings. By default, this is 0 to 10. This can be customized to any rating scale as needed under settings.

Scores get computed for 360-feedback levels enabled under settings, you may want to only consider downward reviews for scores, in that case simply uncheck peer, upward and customer feedback options and these will not be used to compute overall scores.

AssessTEAM computes scores for each week and then averages them into scores for months. This is to accommodate continuous feedback that can be posted at will.

Let’s take an example.

Robert was rated 5 of 10 for the entire quarter between January 2021 and March 2021.

Robert also received a positive feedback score of 10 in the first week of January.

The scores for February and March will remain at 5.

January gets split into 4 weeks with 7.5 (10 + 5 / 2) in the first week and 5 each for the subsequent 3 weeks. Averaging these gets us 5.6 for the month of January.

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