Accounts KPIs List

Accounts KPIs evaluate accounts receivable, accounts payable, and accounts managers in the bookkeeping department. These are simple KPIs that will assist in the effective evaluation of your accounts professionals.

Accounts KPIs Reporting Dashboard

Senior Global Account Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Accurately forecasts annual, quarterly, and monthly revenue streams.
  • Assists with other duties as directed by the supervisor.

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  • Attain or exceed sales revenue goals.
  • Create and maintain a robust pipeline of new customer opportunities.
  • Develop, maintain, and execute a business plan for capturing new customers including the justification for markets and sectors, appropriate advertisements, and targeted conference venues.
  • Ensure that engineering product development efforts including design, tooling, agency approvals, and production occur efficiently.
  • Establish (compile & approvals) and control budgets for sales promotion, trade show, and marketing expenses.
  • Establish product development time frames coordinating internal and external activities related to product development.
  • Lead customer-based projects through a gated new product development process.
  • Maintain strong knowledge of all GSI Technologies services, products, and potential applications.
  • Maintain strong knowledge of appropriate customer industry dynamics.
  • Prepare and present customer business reviews, briefings, and proposals to top management and engineering team.
  • Stay abreast of market dynamics to define customer requirements – Stay abreast of market dynamics to define customer requirements, to understand competitor activity, to establish market potential, to comprehend general economic conditions and any other salient factors to develop comprehensive programs for product development.
  • Travel to meet with customers and prospective customers at trade shows, industry conferences, etc. – Work collaboratively with all internal resources to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction are maintained.
  • Work with all relevant departments to track unique parts/prototypes.

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Principle Accountabilities of a Clerk Accounts Payable

  • Check the system and reconcile accounts for previous payments to ensure no duplicated payments are made.
  • Prepare cheque requisition for payment and submission to the Accountant.

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  • Process approved petty cash transactions on the system to establish a correct record thereof.
  • Process the transaction on the accounting system to create a record thereof on the system.
  • Receive all delivery notes and invoices for goods purchased and check approval for payment.
  • Receive all signed documents and cheques and contact suppliers to collect their payments.
  • Record and file all documents of payments made to ensure easy retrieval thereof when required and to maintain an accurate record of transactions.

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Principle Accountabilities of a Clerk Accounts

  • Collect payments for qualification evaluations and place receipts on the application file.
  • Create new accounts for newly accredited clients.

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  • Generate and send out invoices for annual accreditation fees.
  • Prepare and provide receipts for payments received to payers.
  • Prepare bank deposits for verification by the Assistant Accountant to ensure accuracy.
  • Receive payments and process payments on the system.
  • Reconcile all receipts and submit to Assistant Accountant for verification.
  • Reconcile cash book and submit to Assistant Accountant for verification.
  • Record and file all relevant documents to ensure easy retrieval thereof when required and to maintain an accurate record and proof of transactions.
  • Sell tender documents to interested parties by providing them with the tender documents and collecting the related fees.
  • Verify receipts on the bank statements and process them on the system.

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Principle Accountabilities of a Receptionist

  • Arrange brochures and other reading material in the waiting room to keep clients/visitor occupied whilst waiting.
  • Attend to general enquiries per telephone or in person to assist callers/visitors speedily and professionally.

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  • Attend to the switchboard, responding to all calls and transferring them to the correct person to aid professional communication.
  • Call relevant staff members to collect or assist their clients.
  • Direct clients and visitors to the correct person/area to aid appropriate attendance to their requirements.
  • Keep the reception area and waiting room in a clean and tidy condition in line with the company’s image.
  • Maintain the appropriate amount of standard forms and documents to assist.
  • Receive and welcome clients and visitors to ensure the correct company image is presented and clients/visitors gain the appropriate impression.
  • Receive delivered documents and hand them to the registry clerk for further recording.
  • Take messages for unavailable staff members and pass them on speedily to support attendance to that.

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Accounts Executive Job Responsibilities

  • Ad-hoc responsibilities as assigned by the Manager or General Manager.
  • Calculate Sales Tax, TDS and Service Tax.

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  • Coordinate with the CA for semi-annual audits, payment and return filling of Sales Tax and TDS.
  • Coordinate with Warehouse Executive for the dispatch of material.
  • Follow up with customers for C Form, Due Order and Receivables.
  • Inform customers regarding cancelled sales order.
  • Inform stock status to Customers and Sales Executives.
  • Maintain important documents, records, and files.
  • Make entries in tally for accounting transactions.
  • Passing Payable entries in tally.
  • Perform Bank Reconciliation.
  • Prepare cheques for payments.
  • Prepare form 16 for employees.
  • Prepare Order Acknowledgement & Proforma Invoice for customers.
  • Prepare Profit & Loss Statement and Payment Plan on Monthly Basis.
  • Prepare various letters and formats for import remittance.
  • Prepare weekly reports.
  • Preparing Purchase Order and Invoice.
  • Register sales orders using Tally software.
  • Responsible for day to day accounting and voucher entry.
  • Salary transfer formalities.
  • Verify invoices and expense statement of employees.

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KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for the accounts department aim to measure the optimal functioning and success of the organization’s ability to acquire, manage, and retain customers. Within this department, the critical performance areas that must be measured are debtor and creditor control, accounts payables, accounts receivables, customer retention and acquisition, customer sales and purchase orders, practical solution of customer queries, and accounting processes like the preparation of profit and loss statements.

Effective KPI tracking allows the Accounts Executive to identify negative short and medium-term trends to take proactive measures to rectify these tendencies before they evolve into long-term crises.

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