Clinical Research KPIs List

Clinical Research KPIs are designed to measure the success in clinical trials. They help track and monitor aspects such as identify the trial’s strengths and weaknesses, improve the optimal allocation of resources, and establish benchmarks.

Clinical Research KPIs Reporting Dashboard

Chief Scientific Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Directing and mentoring the discovery team to conduct these activities, and motivating and mentoring employees for personal growth and professional achievement.
  • Investigating and, where appropriate, implementing a wide variety of scientific principles and concepts to advance project goals and to identify previously unrecognized connections.

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  • Managing outsourced scientific activities, CROs, and seamlessly integrating them with internal work flows.
  • Managing the chemistry and biology teams to execute discovery programs.
  • Overseeing the designing and implementation of in-vitro and in-vivo screening paradigms directed to ion channel targets.
  • Preparing and presenting to investors and corporate partners.
  • Preparing and publishing manuscripts in recognized journals and presenting at meetings.
  • Pursuing non-dilutive grant funding as a means for external validation of project and supplemental money.
  • Review and approval of scientific data reports.
  • Supporting in-licensing, collaboration, and other activities to obtain new company business, to advance key programs, and to identify opportunities for innovative research.

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Clinical and Translational Med Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in the writing and review of clinical study reports, manuscripts, and other written projects.
  • Collaborate with the clinical working group and external consultants to determine strategy and tactics for clinical development plans, clinical protocols, and safety management plans.

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  • Contribute to business development, intellectual property, and strategic planning activities.
  • Ensure compliance with all safety reporting obligations.
  • Monitor and review adverse events, serious adverse events, and real-time laboratory findings from ongoing clinical trials.
  • Work with the pre-clinical investigators both within and outside the group to advance clinical development and safety.

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Clinical Operations and Data Management Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in the writing and review of clinical study protocols and clinical study reports.
  • Collaborate with clinical working group & external consultants to determine strategy & tactics for clinical development plans.

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  • Contribute to CMC oversight.
  • Direct the company clinical operations and data management functions to support the clinical development.
  • Formulate clinical operations and data management strategies, tactics, objectives, and performance metrics.
  • Prepare for and participate in strategic and financial investor meetings.
  • Serve as a member of the Company management team and contribute to the development and execution of Company strategy.
  • Support Company business development and intellectual property functions.

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Research Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry Job Responsibilities

  • Assisting in the preparation and publishing of manuscripts in recognized journals presenting at scientific meetings.
  • Helping to recruit highly-qualified medicinal chemistry team members.

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  • Operating in a highly pragmatic and team-oriented manner to enable the research team to deliver clinical development candidates.
  • Working collaboratively with the biology team to execute discovery programs with ambitious goals.
  • Investigating and, where appropriate, implementing a wide variety of scientific principles and concepts to advance project goals.
  • Keeping current with medicinal chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry research.

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Senior Research Investigator Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in preparing and publishing manuscripts in recognized journals and presenting at scientific meetings.
  • Electrophysiological recordings from cells in culture including neurons.

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  • Experimental design, implementation, data collection, analysis, summarization and interpretation.
  • Other duties that contribute to the success of the discovery programs.
  • Preparation and maintenance of neuronal cultures.
  • Use of manual patch clamp system for determining the actions of drugs on ion channel conductances.
  • Where necessary, make presentations to company management and to potential and current partner companies and investors.

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Senior Research Scientist Job Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in working group meetings and communicate experimental results to team members.
  • Assist with automated patch clamp and manual patch electrophysiology.

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  • Contribute to SOP development and implementing procedures according to high quality standards.
  • Follow all lab safety regulations and maintain an organized and clean work space in the laboratory.
  • General laboratory maintenance, including preparation of solutions and stocks.
  • Hazardous waste disposal.
  • Maintain laboratory notebooks, electronic records and inventory.
  • Maintenance of lab equipment.
  • Negotiate pricing and quotes with external vendors.
  • Perform laboratory inventory checks and restock consumables as needed.
  • Running cell based assays (maintenance of cell lines, use of plate reader, liquid handlers and troubleshooting as needed).

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Clinical Research KPIs are fundamental to understanding the internal and external dynamics between science and human resources as they both form a vital part of the research study’s successes.

These Key Performance Indicators are useful because they focus on the study’s human resource aspects and attaining the stated benchmarks to prove or disprove the hypotheses. Because these KPIs drive the study’s optimal functioning and success rates, they strengthen and foster relationships between the study’s sponsors, participants, and research scientists.

The study’s leaders are often unaware of the impact of the internal and external dynamics on the study’s outcomes. These KPIs highlight the potential pain points between the human resource components and the study’s scientific constraints to ensure that solutions are found before the issues linked to the pain points spiral out of control and cause incalculable harm to the research study.

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