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What are the differences between periodic and ad-hoc evaluation?

The ad-hoc evaluation and periodic evaluation are both valuable evaluation types available in AssessTEAM. There is, however, a subtle but fundamental difference between the two. By way of expanding on this discussion, let’s consider each evaluation type independently.

Ad-hoc evaluation
An ad-hoc evaluation is a once-off, quick assessment method used to evaluate an individual employee, team, or job title by choosing a single evaluator, or list of evaluators for a specific period which is defined by a manager or team leader.

Periodic evaluation
A periodic evaluation, on the other hand, is an evaluation type, or assessment method, that is designed to regularly evaluate employees on pre-selected result areas. The frequency of a periodic evaluation can be daily, weekly, monthly, six-monthly, and yearly.

When creating a periodic or ad-hoc evaluation, team managers must specify whether it is an ad-hoc, periodic, or 30-60-90 days evaluation. If an ad-hoc evaluation is required, the ad-hoc evaluation type is selected, the details filled out on the web page, and the save button clicked at the end of the page.

On the other hand, when creating a periodic evaluation, team managers must select the periodic evaluation type option. The periodic evaluation type provides the option to select how frequently it is repeated as well as the number of days between each repeat. Ergo, a daily evaluation can be repeated every x number of days. A monthly evaluation can be repeated every x number of months, And, an annual evaluation can be repeated every x number of years.

For example, team managers could set up a monthly evaluation, once a month for 3 months. Or, management could create a daily evaluation, once a day every 10 days. And finally, team leaders could set up an annual review, once a year every year or every two years.

Finally, the periodic and ad-hoc evaluation types provided by AssessTEAM have the capacity to provide management with the flexibility to set up once off evaluations or period evaluations for the requisite time frame, one that suits the business processes.

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