How do I set up employee hire date based evaluations?

To set up an employee hire date based evaluation, go to the Evaluation templates tab and click on the Add a new evaluation button in the top right corner. Here you can select the 30-60-90 days evaluation option.

30-60-90 days evaluations are designed to send out evaluations to users based on their hire dates. This template can be set for all users or updated and will be triggered when a new user is hired and a set duration has passed since the hire date as decided by the template.

Simply set a predefined duration of time that you wish to evaluate from a user’s hire date, set your result areas, evaluees and evaluators as you need and hit the Save button.

Once this template is sent, the evaluation will automatically be sent out once the set duration has passed from the hiring date of the employee, making it simple to evaluate new and current employees on organisational questions that are generally posed during their probation period.

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