How do you calculate average result area scores?

The AssessTEAM score processing engine computes scores by the week to ascertain the average.

For example, if a person has been rated 7 out of 10 for both the months of March and April and 9 out of 10 for the month of May this would be split into the following:

First week of March – 7
Second week of March – 7
Third week of March – 7
Fourth week of March – 7
First week of April – 7
Second week of April – 7
Third week of April – 7
Fourth week of April – 7
First week of May – 9
Second week of May – 9
Third week of May – 9
Fourth week of May – 9

This averages out the score for the past 3 months to 7.67 out of 10 (Calculated as a monthly average, then averaged as a total).

Let’s say, towards the end of May, continuous feedback was left for the person and the score was 1. This makes the score in the last week of May as 5 and reduces the overall score for the past 3 months to 7.33 out of 10.