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How to create an effective peer review system?

“What is a peer review system?

As the name suggests, the peer review system evaluates employees from the perspective of their peers or colleagues in terms of their performance, strength, weakness, and other essential work-related goals.

Team leaders or managers can create a peer review system to solicit inputs from peers – teammates and colleagues – about the performance of a specific employee using AssessTEAM.

If you wish to create a peer review system, these steps will guide you.

To set up a peer review: Have your Administrator add the Peers:

Step 1: Please visit ‘Persons.’

Step 2: Edit the person profile.

Step 3: Add the peer evaluator(s) for the person and save it.

Step 4: Go to Evaluation templates and Select any evaluation.

Step 5: Select the person to be evaluated and enable peer evaluators.

Step 6: Select the result area and save and confirm the template.”

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