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How do I effectively evaluate my team?

Whether the staff performs well or poorly, employee appraisals present an ideal opportunity for HR to identify the next stage in their development. For underperforming staff, team evaluations can be used to identify skills gaps and training needs. A capable team can help an organization to achieve incredible results, and a team that is not working well can cause strategic failure to your organization.

When you evaluate the team, it can help you empower your team by letting them know you believe they can achieve their goals, do their best work, take on a new project, or land a new client. When you evaluate the team, you can also monitor the quantitative and qualitative results, provide consistent feedback, and maintain a good rapport with all team players. To measure the different results, your Administrator will create, select or customize ‘Result Areas with Performance Indicators’- which is done in

AssessTEAM makes it simpler to evaluate the team in minutes. If you are a team Leader or a Manager and wish to evaluate the team, these steps will guide you.

Step 1: Click on the Team Performance menu option (Admins- this is a submenu listed under the menu).

Step 2: Click the ‘Evaluate team’ box.

Step 3: An Ad-hoc Evaluation Template will be generated. Notice that most of the fields have been filled in for you. Check for accuracy. The send date will be for today; please change it if need be. Choose the Evaluation Period for this assessment. As you scroll down, you will see the Associated Result Areas that will be on this evaluation- choose if it should be included or not. There are also Advanced options and Signature options available as well.

Step 4: Once all fields in the Evaluation template are absolutely correct, click on Save. A reminder box will appear to show you exactly how many evaluations will be sent out and at what level. If it matches what you think it should be, click Confirm. The evaluations will then be sent out.

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