Where do I access the job goals KPIs library?

The Result areas tab lists 900+ job goals KPIs from our library. You can use these or customize them for your needs.

Create new result areas as needed under the Result areas tab.

You will set up job goals KPIs for teams under the team’s tab. Team managers can set up goals too.

Team managers can set up goals collectively for the team or for individuals in their team. Persons can set up their own goals too if goal setting is enabled for their job titles.

Individual and team goals can be viewed by an employee under the Goals tab and on the AssessTEAM mobile app.

Our concierge service will help you set up your evaluation strategy. Send us your evaluation forms and goals on support@assessteam.com for our team to import them into the program for you.

Speak with our support team for assistance. Click here to schedule a call.

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