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Mechanic KPIs List

Mechanic KPIs assist in evaluating how well your operation team is doing at achieving its maintenance goals, like reducing downtime, cutting costs, or reduction in risk to the plant and machinery.

Mechanic KPIs Reporting Dashboard

Maintenance Mechanic Job Responsibilities

  • Arranges delivery and/or pick-up of parts and supplies.
  • Assists in maintaining proper inventory of spare parts and supplies.

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  • Assists with other duties as assigned by Maintenance Manager and/or plant supervision.
  • Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, and other parts of machinery.
  • Conducts preventative maintenance checks to ensure machinery is operational for manufacturing.
  • Design new/revised plant equipment; some plumbing, electrical, or other needs.
  • Examines mechanical equipment to detect malfunction.
  • Generate, maintain and control all specifications. Visually inspects and tests machinery and equipment, dismantles defective machines and equipment and installs new or repaired parts.
  • Meet required deadlines.
  • Performs general maintenance to building structure including but not limited to plumbing, painting, welding, electrical, HVAC, boiler, and/or general facility maintenance.
  • Performs job responsibilities in accordance with company policies, procedures, safety, and applicable laws.
  • Performs visual inspection using any necessary tools, gauges, or measuring devices to detect any malfunctions.
  • Provide support to production.
  • Replacement of worn dies.
  • Uses the computer to maintain information on machinery and building status.

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Supervisor – Stores and Spares Department

  • Assist in the maintenance of the stores and spares department.
  • Complete all paperwork procedures when using equipment from the stores and spares department.

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  • Maintain a working knowledge of all inventory held on hand.

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Health and Safety

  • At all times take care and exercise caution when shifting, parking or driving any vehicles (this includes abiding by the traffic laws at all times).
  • Understand and comply with all Occupational Safety and Health standards and procedures.

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  • Maintain a tidy, safe workshop area to carry out work.
  • Maintain equipment in good repair.
  • Report all accidents, actual and potential.
  • Use equipment in a safe manner at all times.
  • Wear appropriate supplied health and safety equipment.
  • Work in a safe manner at all times.

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KPIs for the maintenance department provides a suite of relevant measurements that can be used to measure department competencies. These Key Performance Indicators are a solid way to ensure that the mechanical and maintenance department functions optimally; thereby, guaranteeing organizational success. Thus, it is critical to measure key performance areas like the management of spare parts, regular maintenance and servicing of plant and office machinery, ensure compliance with health and safety requirements, and make sure machinery and equipment have the maximum possible uptime.

Real-time KPI monitoring ensures operational success. And, it highlights potential problems before they become crises.

Benefits of AssessTEAM cloud-based employee evaluation form for your mechanics team.

  • Use on all smart devices
  • Include custom KPIs
  • Keep historic trends
  • Include eSignatures
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Unlimited customization