How do I send out employee evaluations?

Click the Evaluation templates tab from the menu and click on the Add a new evaluation button from the top right corner of the screen. Choose the type of evaluation you want to proceed with from the drop-down menu.

A) Ad-hoc evaluation – Evaluate persons at one time on specific result areas. Select evaluees, their evaluators, result areas and click save to send out an evaluation immediately. Ad-hoc evaluations are ideal if you need to evaluate performance over a specific period of time.

B) Periodic evaluation – Evaluate persons on result areas periodically – Select evaluees, evaluators, recurrence frequency, and result areas. Multiple individuals, teams, or job titles can be selected as needed.

C) Anniversary evaluation – Select this to evaluate people on their anniversary date of hire performance. Select evaluees and evaluators. Then add the appropriate Result Areas with indicators and any additional Advanced options necessary. Click save when you are ready to send the evaluation. A popup box will appear, then confirm that it is correct to initiate the evaluation.

D) 30-60-90 days evaluation – These are designed to send out evaluations for new hires. Once set, this can be triggered only when a new user joins the organization and completes a predefined duration of time from their hire date.

E) Project evaluation – (Premium and Enterprise version) Select this to evaluate people on their project performance, select default evaluators, or simply send out evaluations to project managers. Schedule this to go out at project completion or send it out at will.

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