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Sales Support KPIs List

Using KPIs for sales support, an organisation can build powerful reports to improve sales productivity and customer support metrics like call time, wait time, on-time delivery, and product order lifecycle.

Sales Support KPIs Reporting Dashboard

Technical & Product Support (Sales)

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  • Work Orders Completed – Total number of work orders accomplished by each member per day.

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  • Completion Success Rate – Percentage of work orders successfully accomplished within schedule.
  • Schedule Adherence – Percentage of planned job orders accomplished.
  • Schedule Attainment – Percentage of all accomplished work orders, whether planned or unplanned, divided by the total number of planned work orders.
  • First Time Resolution Percentage – Percentage of problems solved in one call.
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) – Average length of call to execute an order for the technical and product support group.
  • Offshore Percentage – Total number of offshore technical and product support requests as a percentage of total tasks done.
  • Percentage of Applications with Product Adjustments – Percentage of applications requiring modification compared to the total number of applications.
  • Accuracy of First Quote – Percentage of accurate quotes compared to the total number of quotes.
  • Time Spent on Rejected Orders (in Hours) – Number of hours consumed in handling rejected orders in a specific term.
  • Order Status Volume – Total number of amended requests per hour.
  • Estimated Time to Ship (ETS) Volume – Total number of ETS updates the whole group completed within a specified term.
  • Software and Warranties Special Returns Volume – Number of software and warranty returns finalized within a specified term.
  • Order Reject Volume – Total number of rejected orders finalized by the team within a specified term.
  • Dropship Order Tracking and Ship Confirmation Cases – Total number of order tracking and transfer validation cases the overseas crew handled during a given term.
  • Number of Orders for Which Status Is Provided Daily – Total number of sales order warehouse ETS revisions performed during a specific term.
  • Daily Sales Order Warehouse Estimate Time Ship (ETS) Updates – Total number of sales order warehouse ETS revisions performed during a specific term.
  • Software and Warranties Return Processing per Day – The total number of software and warranty returns handled per day.

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Vendor Alliances & Management

  • Total Vendors – Total number of dealers affiliated with the firm.
  • Total Vendors Sales – Total number of sales per dealer.

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  • Vendor Compliance Rates – Percentage of orders for which dealers meet all targets.
  • On-Time Delivery – Percentage of dealer shipments within SLA.
  • Order Cycle Time – Average cycle time to accomplish a request with a dealer.
  • Number of Marketing Exercises per Vendor – Total number of marketing practices in which a dealer took part in training sales agents.
  • Vendor Cost per Unit – Total dealer expenses per product group.
  • Vendors within SLA – Percentage of dealer orders administered within the appointed SLA.
  • Total Number of Vendor Inside Representatives – Total number of staff members each dealer has within the firm’s salesforce.

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Incentive & Rebate Desk

  • Total Rebates – Total number of discounts proposed in a specific term by the firm.
  • Average Rebate Cost per Order – Average cost of discounts per order in a specific term.

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  • Total Rebates Created/Booked within SLA – Total number of discounts requested by the sales agents and complied to by the rebate/pricing office within the SLA.
  • Total Territory Revenues after Rebates – Area/domain income corrected for discounts and incentives paid.
  • Cost per Rebate – Total expenses related to discount processing per unit.
  • Percentage of Vendors Offering Rebates – Percentage of dealers offering discounts compared to the toa number of affiliates.
  • Percentage of Rebate Discount – Average percentage of discounts per sale by dealer.

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  • Number of Cost and Availability Cases Completed – Total number of expenses and availability cases accomplished in a specific term.
  • Time Spent on Cost and Availability Cases – Total number of hours allotted to cost and availability cases for the group in a specific term.

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  • Cost and Availability Volume – Total number of tasks executed by the cost and availability unit in a specific term.
  • Percentage of Cost and Availability Confirmations within SLA – Percentage of cost and availability cases accomplished within the specified SLA compared to the total number of cost and availability cases.
  • Bundled/Combined Product Percentage – Percentage of merchandise that are merged at a discounted price.
  • Discounted Product Pricing Rate – Percentage of merchandise priced less than retail because of rebates.
  • Revenue per Unit – Total merchandise earnings divided by the number of units sold.
  • Gross Profit – Total gross profit after costs.
  • Segment Pricing – Yes/No metric showing the application of multi-tiered pricing according to categories.
  • Customer Projected Revenue – Total projected sales per client according to the longevity of relationship.

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On-Board/Off-Board Customers

  • Account Setup Cycle Time – Average time needed to create a new account.
  • Total Account Setups – Total number of new account sign up per person per day.

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  • Percentage of Account Setups within SLA – Percentage of new account sign up within the SLA compared to the number of new account sign ups.
  • Account Cancellation Cycle Time – Average time needed to revoke a current customer account.
  • Total Account Cancellations – Number of current accounts revoked by each person.
  • Percentage Account Cancellations within SLA – Percentage of current account dissolutions within the SLA compared to the number of current account dissolutions.
  • The ratio of Account Cancellations to Setups – Number of account dissolutions divided by the number of new account sign ups.
  • Saved Account Percentage – Percentage of probably dissolved accounts that are restored.
  • Cost per Account Setup – Average expense to create a new account.
  • Cost per Account Cancellation – Average expenses to revoke a current account.
  • Total Territory Revenue – Total monthly income for a designated domain/area according to current open accounts.

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KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for the sales or technical support department are designed to measure the optimal functioning and success of the organization’s ability to retain customers through its product support department. To achieve this, the sales support department’s key performance areas that need to be measured are customer support metrics like total call time, wait time, and sales order rejections versus completed sales, and vendor management measurements like the total product order lifecycle, and vendor cost per product unit.

Real-time KPI tracking allows for the identification of negative short-term trends before they develop into long-term crises.

Benefits of AssessTEAM cloud-based employee evaluation form for your sales support team.

  • Use on all smart devices
  • Include custom KPIs
  • Keep historic trends
  • Include eSignatures
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