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How do I evaluate sales targets?

The company’s sales strategy is the ultimate game plan to achieve sales targets, growth, and objectives. It is also essential to assess the effectiveness of these strategies. In other words, you need to decide what works, what doesn’t work, and what elements of the strategy can be improved. The AssessTEAM employee evaluation software is an ideal vehicle to evaluate how well the business has taken advantage of current market opportunities and created new business possibilities to meet sales targets, drive new sales growth, and capture a greater slice of the market.

Each salesperson or sales team can be assigned monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets in AssessTEAM. As these milestones are met, management evaluates them on these targets using continuous feedback or scheduled periodic evaluations, allocating scores depending on the following:

Has the individual or team met the targets?

Has the salesperson or team underperformed; consequently, not meeting predefined targets and goals?

Has the employee exceeded the stated targets?

The steps below will help sales managers set up and evaluate sales targets.

Step 1: Log in to the AssessTEAM dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Result Areas’ menu option.

Step 3: Create a new Result Area with Performance Inidcators for the sales team by clicking on the blue Add a new result area button in the upper right-hand corner. Give the Result Area a Name and then choose from the drop gown box or add a new indicator by clicking on the blue Add a new indicator button as you scroll down- it is on the right. Give the indicator a Title, add more description if necessary, decide if it should have scoring, no scoring or text only. Next is the scale template dropdown. You can use the built-in scales or design your own within the 10 point scale. You can design your rating scale to measure sales accomplishments by creating a percentage scale to measure the percentage of the target reached as the portion of the measurable goals set. Or, you can create a different measurement scale that defines your sales strategy.

Step 4: Create a new periodic evaluation template. Click on the ‘Evaluation templates’ on the menu bar. Click on the ‘Add a new evaluation’ green button at the top right-hand corner. Choose ‘Periodic evaluation’ in the dropdown list and click. Add a Title for this evaluation. Select an evaluation interval to schedule automatic evaluations to go out. Next, chose the corrrect evaluation level in the box on the left (or single persons). Next, choose the Persons or Teams or Titles or Tags to be Evaluated in the right hand box. Select the Result Area(s) to be included in this Evaluation by using the ‘Choose from all available Result Areas’ and then choose the Result Area from the dropdown box. You can start typing the first few letters, and suggestions will be shown in the dropdown box. Next, click the green ‘Include’ button to add the Result Area to this evaluation. Choose more Result Areas to include if needed. You can now add other Advanced options and Signature options as well. Plese read through the options and choose according to your workflow. Click on Save. A diolog box will come up to show you the number of evaluations that will be sent out per evaluation level. Please make sure it matches with what you think it should be because once you click Confirm, the evaluations will be sent out on the Send date, as early as possible (just after midnight on that date).

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