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How do I add evaluators for different peer groups?

We support 360-degree evaluation for all users in the organization, including Peers.

To add evaluators for different groups, simply go to the Persons tab, choose the person edit, scroll to the Evaluators and add evaluators accordingly under three types:-

  • Downward evaluators – Managers or supervisors
  • Peer evaluators – Peers at the same level
  • Upward evaluators – Direct reports or subordinates

An Administrator can add multiple evaluators as needed. Once this is set, you can create evaluation templates without selecting specific evaluators, this will send out evaluations to the evaluators defined in the person’s profile.

Once completed, the above associations will be highlighted on the employees’ evaluation records. This makes it simple to do 360 reviews and analyze the data, all in one place. Evaluators can also be added by Exporting the Persons list, updating the spreadsheet and then Uploading/mapping the additions/changes.

Speak with our support team for assistance. Click here to schedule a call.

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