How do I set up a 360 degree employee evaluations?

360-degree evaluations offer a safe, confidential, and reliable way for colleagues to provide feedback. It helps organizations gain valuable insight into current leadership, teams, and the overall health of the organization while delivering management with powerful data and input into what is working and what isn’t.

When using this feedback data correctly, management can quickly take action by helping employees improve and become better leaders and contributors in the organizations. The reason 360-degree evaluation is so popular because it is easy to implement, it’s affordable, and it is widely used across many industries.

The below steps will guide you through creating 360-degree employee evaluations in minutes:

Step 1: GoTo Evaluation Templates.

Step 2: Add a new evaluation.

Step 3: Choose the preferred evaluation type.

Step 4: Enter the title of the evaluation.

Step 5: Select the send date and evaluation period.

Step 6: Add persons/team/Job titles/Tag(s) to be evaluated.

Step 7: Select all levels in the evaluation levels.

Step 8: Choose the appropriate result area and save the template.

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