What is a pending evaluation, and how do I know if evaluations are completed or still pending?

A pending evaluation is one that has been sent out but not completed.
It will remain in the “Pending Evaluation” status until the processing is complete.

An employee evaluation aims to measure job performance and offer quantitative measurements essential for your organization’s growth and progress. They are one of the most critical communication tools an organization can use.

AssessTEAM provides a simple and easy employee evaluation system to help you understand when projects are at risk or employees need help. Thus, any pending evaluation will believe this cause. AssessTEAM makes it simple to view all your pending evaluations, so you can complete them timely.

Thus, should you wish to view the pending evaluations, these steps will guide you.
Step 1: GoTo MyTools.
Step 2: Select ‘Waiting evaluations.’
Step 3: Start performing the pending evaluations by selecting ‘start’ under waiting evaluations.

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